• Whisky doesn’t need to be mysterious – making, selling and sourcing the best whisky in the world can be easy with the right expertise and contacts.


    I’ve spent over a decade establishing myself in the global whisky industry, sniffing out the rarest casks, hosting unique events and building an exceptional global network within whisky, along with the sales, distribution and hospitality sectors. Whatever you’re looking for in the world of whisky, I can help you find it.

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    I love introducing whisky to the world. I’ve done it in person at hundreds of private and public events and tastings around the world (complete with my own innovative twists), on TV and radio as a whisky industry commentator, on screen in documentary films and TEDx talks, and in print, with my monthly column in Scottish Field Magazine and as the author of the bestselling Pocket Guide to Whisky: featuring the WhiskyTubeMap. I’m also the founder of World Whisky Day.


    I’m a proud Scotsman living in Edinburgh, and privileged to spend my time sharing whisky with people all over the world. I’ve visited countless distilleries and set the world record for the most visited in one day (it’s 60 by the way in case you want to try and beat me!). I’ve served drams to thousands of people all over the world, including Ambassadors and Royals. I’ve sourced rare casks for private clients, high net worth individuals, family estates, and even Academy Award winners. Wherever I go, I love to show people that there’s more to whisky than they might think!

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    Insights and expertise that make the difference

    Need an independent expert opinion? Whether you’re positioning your whisky brand, building a new distillery, trying to decipher global trends, creating a whisky menu or looking for tasting notes or cask sample analysis, I can provide crucial advice backed by years of industry experience and networking.


    As an independent consultant with connections all over the world, I have a unique position in the industry – I can provide an objective perspective and superb insight into global trends on both the consumer and trade side of the business.  


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    Specialising in Old, Luxury and Ultra Rare Casks and Bottles

    Looking for something truly special? By working with me you can get unparalleled access to exclusive and ultra-rare whiskies, including bottles and casks. I have a trusted network of suppliers with impeccable provenance and authenticity, and can source casks from birth years, rare casks from closed distilleries and once-in-a-lifetime bottles and casks that you won’t find on a shelf.


    Plain-speaking, trustworthy and discreet, I’m able to work closely with private clients to help you find what you’re looking for without fuss. I also work with B2B clients, making the most of my network to source and supply a broad range of cask parcels and bulk whisky supplies.

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    Innovative Tastings with a whisky 'wow' factor

    Want to host a unique whisky experience? By taking a fresh approach, you can show people a new side to whisky they didn’t expect, and I’ve made a name for myself by designing and delivering unique experiences all over the world. My original multi-sensory and immersive tastings leave a lasting impression on guests, adding an exciting new dimension to people’s understanding and enjoyment of whisky.


    I’m happy to travel internationally to host events, but due to COVID, all in-person events are on hold. I’m looking forward to wowing whisky-lovers again soon, and I hope you are too!


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